Information on Ordering, Turnaround Times, Pickup, Etc

These rules apply to website orders, as well as orders placed via email or Facebook that require separate invoicing. 

-ALL personalized orders require prepayment within 24 hours of ordering/invoicing. There are no exceptions. What this means, your item(s) are not ordered or pulled off the shelf to go into production until payment is complete, and we do not hold items. Please keep this in mind if you are placing orders for product with limited availability, or if you have a deadline, which leads to #2.

-We try to keep turnaround at 3-5 business days. During peak seasons (Christmas, Back to School, Clearance events), it may be longer. If you need your items sooner than 3-5 business days, we will do our best to accommodate with a rush fee.

-If you need your item(s) sooner than the standard turnaround time, there will be a $5 rush for the first item of each type, and $1 per additional like item. Rush orders still still require 24 hours to be completed, assuming all materials are in stock. 

-Shirts and bags are ordered once a week on Mondays and are delivered to me on Wednesdays. Please make sure to take this into consideration when it comes to turnaround time. Example: If you place a shirt or bag order on Tuesday, it will be the following Thursday or Friday before your order is ready to allow time for the item to come in and then be personalized.

-When submitting your order, please be as thorough as possible. Make sure to include the item(s) you want (size/color/style/etc), personalization information (vinyl color AND font), correct name spelling or monogram (fLm (first, last, middle)). Fonts can be found in the FONTS album. FAILURE TO PROVIDE THOROUGH INFORMATION WILL DELAY YOUR ORDER. We are not responsible for incorrect personalization if you do not follow the correct format.

-We do not offer price matching, although we believe you will be hard pressed to find same or similar items for our prices. Most of our items are priced comparable to like items on websites like Etsy. Please keep in mind that while you might find prices the same or possibly a dollar or two cheaper, you will not be paying shipping if you are a local customer and that is a large savings in itself. Also, the more detail and/or colors your design has, the more it will cost. Each individual color is a separate layer of vinyl, as well as a separate application, which equals more cost. Printed and glitter items are also extra. 
Please see the PRICING GUIDE tab to give a general idea.

-If you have your own item you would like personalized, it would be our pleasure to do that for you for cost plus a $2 application fee. For items that use decals, the rule of thumb is that if a craft sticker would not stick to it, a vinyl decal will likely not stick either. Keep this in mind for items that have a lot of texture, and also items that have a lot of curvature (like Christmas Ornaments). The smoother the surface, the better the stick. 
For heat transfer vinyl items, our vinyl is only for use with cotton and/or polyester materials. If you supply an item that cannot be verified as cotton/poly by an attached tag, we are not responsible if this item is damaged by our press. The best way for us to personalize your existing items is to have these items in hand so we can measure and apply them correctly. If you choose to send your own measurements, and the decals we make do not fit, this is the customer's responsibility and there will be a charge to remake the item.

-We are happy to try and do custom designs, however, there is a $5 set up and digitizing fee. Please keep in mind, I am not a graphic designer, and images that are sent to me need to be 1-2 colors max so they can be traced. Outlines and silhouettes are the best images, but we do not guarantee that we can duplicate anything that is sent to us, but we will always give it our best shot. Sometimes a customer picks a design that has to be purchased as a file. When this is the case, the file purchase price is attached to the customer's payment in place of the $5 set up fee.

-We are not a delivery service! If you purchase something from another boutique or store, you are expected to make arrangements to pick that item up. Our items are no different. We are a home based business near Highway 24 in Newport, and we work in west Morehead. While the preference is to have items picked up from our work, we will do our best to meet at a place of OUR convenience if it is on our normal driving route at a time we will already be passing through. Please do not expect us to drive all around to meet at different places at all different hours of the day. If you feel pick up may be difficult, consider paying to have your item(s) shipped. It's not as expensive as you might think!